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                  Compliance with Applicable Laws and Standards 遵從現行法律法規 At a minimum, Merchandise Manufacturers will be required to meet the following standards with respect to their operations as a whole:產品制造商至少應整體上遵從以下與其運作相關的法律法規. Laws and Regulations 法律法規 Merchandise Manufacturers will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and requirements in the manufacture and distribution of our products and supplies and in providing services to TCCC.產品制造商在生產及分銷我司產品或向我司提供產品和服務時遵從相關的法律法規要求. Child Labor 童工 Merchandise Manufacturers will not use child labor as defined by local law.產品制造商應按當地法律要求不得雇用童工. Forced Labor 強迫勞工 Merchandise Manufacturers will not use forced or compulsory labor產品制造商不得使用 強迫或強制勞工. Abuse of Labor 虐待勞工 Merchandise Manufacturers will not physically abuse employees產品制造商不得對員工進行身體上得虐待. Collective Bargaining 勞資談判 Merchandise Manufacturers will respect employees’ rights to choose whether to be represented by third parties and to bargain collectively in accordance with local law.產品制造商應尊重雇員有權選擇第三方以替代他們依照法律和產品制造商協商談判的權利. Wages and Benefits 工資與福利 Merchandise Manufacturer’s wages and benefits will comply with local law產品制造商應按當地法律要求支付員工工資, 并提供相關福利. Working Hours 工作時間 Merchandise Manufacturer’s working hours and overtime will comply with local law.產品制造商應按當地法律要求來安排其員工的工作時間和加班時間. Health and Safety 衛生安全 Merchandise Manufacturer’s working conditions will comply with local regulations.產品制造商的工作環境應符合當地法規要求. Environment 環境保護 Merchandise Manufacturers will comply with all applicable environment laws.產品制造商應遵從所有現行的與環境保護有關的法律. Principle of Citizenship公民準則 Our reputation is built on trust. Through good citizenship we will nurture our relationships and continue to build that trust. That is the essence of TCCC promise - to benefit and refresh everyone who is touched by our business. Wherever TCCC does business, we strive to be trusted partners and good citizens. We are committed in managing our business around the world with a consistent set of values that represent the highest standards of integrity and excellence. We share these values with our Merchandise Manufacturers making their system strong.我們的的聲譽構建于消費者的信任和認可之上. 這是可口可樂公司(TCCC)承諾使我們的生意伙伴受益并發展的關鍵所在. 無論何時何地, TCCC公司都為被尊為可信任的生意伙伴和公民而努力奮斗. 我們承諾在全球范圍內的經營活動都與我們的價值觀相符并代表公證和優秀的最高標準. 我們與產品制造商共享這些讓他們越來越強大的價值觀. Marketplace市場 We will adhere to the highest ethical standards, knowing that the quality of our products, the integrity of our brands and the dedication of our people build trust and strengthen relationships. We will serve the people who enjoy our brands through innovation, superb customer service, and respect for unique customs and cultures in the communities where we do business.我們擁護最高的道德標準, 我們深知我們的產品的質量, 我們的品牌的公信力, 我們員工的奉獻都有助于建立我們的誠信和加強我們與消費者的關系. 我們將通過不斷的創新, 優質的售后服務,對各地獨特的文化和風俗習慣的尊重, 為那些喜歡我們的品牌的人提供優質的客戶服務 Workplace生產場所 We will treat each other with dignity, fairness and respect. We will foster an inclusive environment that encourages all employees to develop and perform to their fullest potential, consistent with a commitment to human rights in our workplace. TCCC’s workplace will be a place where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued and where responsibility and accountability are encouraged and rewarded.我們將公平地與各位相處, 以誠相待, 互相尊重. 我們致力于鼓勵我們所有的雇員努力發揮他們的最大潛力來兌現我們對生產場所的人權狀況的承諾. TCCC的生產場所將是一個每個人都能實現自己的理想, 奉獻也有所價值, 忠于職守受到激勵并獎勵的地方. Environment環境 We will conduct our business in ways that protect and preserve the environment. We will integrate principles of environmental stewardship and sustainable development into our business decisions and processes.我們將以環保的方式進行業務經營. 至少我們期望我們的供應商能遵守當地相關的環保法律法規要求. 我們將把履行環保的職責并將其融入到我們的業務決議和業務經營中. Community社會團體 We will contribute our time, expertise and resources to help develop sustainable communities in partnership with local leaders. We will seek to improve the quality of life through locally relevant initiatives wherever we do business.我們將奉獻我們的時間, 專業技術, 和各種資源來支助當地居民機構發展適合的社會團體. 我們將致力于通過當地居民的主動性來改善他們的的生活質量. Responsible corporate citizenship is at the heart of TCCC’s promise. We believe that what is best for our employees, for the community and for the environment is also best for our business.盡職可信賴的公民職權是TCCC承諾的核心所在. 我們確信那些對我們的雇員最好的, 對社會團體最好的, 對環境最好的事, 也就是對我們的業務最好的事. Restrictions 限制 Stitched Soccer Balls (Footballs) Restrictions縫制足球限制 All stitched soccer balls featuring TCCC’s trademarks must be sourced solely through Merchandise Manufacturers authorized and managed by WWL, as set forth in the TCCC Executive Office Memorandum dated 30 January, 2003 (see Attachment A). 如附件A所示的2003年1月30日制定的TCCC執行備忘錄,所有帶有TCCC商標的縫制足球須只能經由全球認證部WWL管理和授權的產品制造商來采購. WWL is responsible for all stitched soccer ball agreements, warranties, ongoing inspection of manufacturing facilities and stitching centers, and the testing of all stitched soccer balls. WWL will make certain that the authorized Merchandise Manufacturers meet TCCC’s social compliance requirements. Additionally, all stitched soccer ball manufacturing must take place in authorized facilities/stitching centers and all inventory must be tightly controlled from production all the way through shipping. Given the extreme high risk associated with stitched soccer balls, extra controls are required. 所有縫制足球的協議,授權,對工廠, 縫制中心的監控, 以及對所有縫制足球的檢測都由全球認證部WWL負責。全球認證部WWL將確保所有授權的產品制造商符合TCCC的社會責任要求。另外,所有縫制足球的制造必須在授權的工廠和縫制中心內,從生產到出貨的所有儲存都必須進行嚴格控制。 因縫制足球有特定的極高風險,故要求特別的控制 Geographic Restrictions地理限制 TCCC has compiled a list of countries and geographic regions where unfair working conditions may have been reported or suspected. Please review the Watch Area outlined in Attachment B. In addition, Cambodia is reported to have a very high rate of social compliance issues; therefore, use of Merchandise Manufacturers in Cambodia for the supply of merchandise bearing TCCC’s trademarks outside of Cambodia is not authorized.TCCC列出了一些被懷疑或報道工作條件有不公平現象的相關國家及地區。請見附件B所示。另外,柬埔寨是一個社會問題高發國家,因此,用柬埔寨的產品制造商生產TCCC的產品以供應柬埔寨以外的地區消費是不允許的。 Countries under U.S. Trade Embargo美國禁運國家 TCCC will not allow production in any country under trade embargo by the U.S. This list includes countries such as Angola, Afghanistan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Syria. This list is not exhaustive and is accurate as of the date of this publication. Countries under current embargo are listed on “Office of Foreign Assets Control” website at “www.treas.gov/offices/eotffc/ofac/sanctions/index.html” under the link entitled “Sanctions Program and Country Summaries”. Please refer to this site and follow the restrictions which apply as a matter of law.TCCC不允許任何被美國政府列為貿易禁運國家中的生產。這個名單包含安哥拉,阿富汗,巴拿馬, 古巴,伊朗,伊拉克,利比亞,朝鮮,敘利亞。 Antiboycott Issues 反抵制聯盟問題 The antiboycott laws require U.S. firms to refuse to participate in foreign boycotts that the U.S. does not sanction. They have the effect of preventing U.S. firms from being used to implement foreign policies of other nations which run counter to U.S. policy. The Arab League boycott of Israel is the principal foreign economic boycott with which U.S. companies must be concerned.反抵制聯聯盟法要求美國公司不得參與美國政府未批準支持的海外抵制聯盟。該法有效的防止美國公司被利用去執行一些與美國政策相反的外國政策。阿拉伯聯盟反以色列就是美國公司必須注意的一項海外經濟抵制聯盟. The following are some of the types of conduct that we must avoid in order to comply with the U.S. laws: agreement not to do business with Israel or a company blacklisted for doing business with Israel (the simple agreement, even if not carried out is illegal), agreement to discriminate against other persons based on race, religion, sex, national origin or nationality, and implementation of letters of credit or any other form of contract containing prohibited boycott terms or conditions. 以下是一些我們為了符合美國法律而必須避免的一些做法:同意不與以色列做生意或不與因與以色列做生意而被列入黑名單的公司(即使是簡單的一個協議,沒有執行也是違法的);同意帶有種族,宗教,性別,血統,民族的歧視, 及執行條款,采用任何帶有抵制聯盟的條款或任何帶有抵制聯盟條文的信用證或其它合同形式。 Even if we do not agree to participate in any of the above, the fact that someone requests that we do so triggers our obligation under law to report the incident to the US government.


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